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What kind of office chairs do the public, Coca Cola and other companies have

    Except the millet technology, Germany Volkswagen, companies such as Coca-Cola, procurement of treasure rakem zhuo computer chair for the staff of office chair, Thailand and Hong Kong international airport airport, AIG American international group (global multinational enterprises ranking 18th), SAXON financial company, Tektronix Tektronix (built in 1946, the global leader in the field of test, measurement and monitoring, the sales revenue of $1.1 billion in 2006), kaspersky lab, the Shanghai world expo the pavilion, sino-german securities, the first securities, technology exchange, China mobile, industrial and commercial bank of China, the mining center, and many other world famous enterprises and organizations.
    To treasure rakem zhuo ergonomic computer chair in polly series of ergonomics computer chair, belong to the entry-level products in average price of one thousand yuan, but with the ergonomics computer chair of 8 kinds of basic regulating function, respectively to move seat, seat, seat cushion rotating stepless lift (adapted to different height), back pad and waist height adjustment (top waist prevent bow-backed, give back the omni-directional support), back cushion back Angle adjusting and locking (convenient rest or watch the screen), back cushion back firmness to adjust (suitable for different power users), and put the height and Angle adjustment (effectively support cervical spine), armrest height adjustment (supporting forearm, avoid pain in the shoulder), that allows the seat to according to the size of different users and work habits to adjust to the most comfortable position. At the same time to treasure rakem zhuo office chair is also a cut cloth chair, seat and back cushion all adopt imported high-grade mesh cloth, nylon + fiber preparation, lasting elastic, wear-resisting, compression, test load of 300 kg, circulation service life of at least five years, solve the trouble back at home! The mesh fabric is light and light, avoids the heat and the growth of cushion mites, and provides 8 kinds of custom colors. Such price, material and function make it the first choice office chair of most enterprise.
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